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Coaching Options and Packages

Individual Coaching Sessions

Explore the personal and/or professional topic(s) you most want to address:

*Clarifying personal/professional vision and goals

*Communicating with confidence

*Making virtual work

*Dressing for success

*Navigating conflict

*Making decisions

*Developing healthier habits

*Stress management (i.e. building resilience)

*Relationship building from remote locations

*Managing time

*Revamping your Leadership Style

Leadership Transformation Program

Ready to communicate more effectively? To lead with vision and purpose? To inspire the best in those around you? Participate in a leadership transformation program designed to empower. Monthly one:one sessions and group coaching meetings included; inquire for more details.

Employer Group Coaching Onsite

Email or call for custom proposal; pricing depends on group size and location.


Power-Hour Trainings
*Note - Unlike one:one coaching, these are Coach-led training options, and may include other participants. They are all conducted by way of teleconference unless other arrangements have been made. If you have interest in group training onsite at your location or in accessing the below options at a discounted group rate, please use the contact form to inquire about pricing for those options.


Public + Media Relations

You will get the tools and tips that you need to successfully craft and share your story with the public. 


Confident Communication

From body language tricks to using the sandwich method to deliver feedback, discover ways to communicate with confidence.


Leading with Vision and Purpose

Learn how to inspire your colleagues, clients and community by communicating vision and purpose as you lead the way. 


Public Speaking

Most people put public speaking at the top of their list of fears. This training provides you with the tools you need to confidently address audiences of all sizes. 


Managing Workplace Conflict

It happens to the best of us - all of the sudden we’re dealing with conflicting ideas or personalities, and we need to navigate through it. This training will help build out your “conflict toolbox”. 


Managing Stress / Building Resilience

We are all at our most productive when we are feeling peaceful. Stresses come up every day. What are you doing to work through them? How are you facing them? Learn some strategies to build resilience so you can be at your best. 


Leading with Heart and Humor

This training is all about bringing kindness and fun into your environment. You’ll come out of this one with ideas for how to create the kind of workplace culture that supports greater retention and builds morale.


Building a Culture of Wellness in the Workplace

How do you promote well-being for your team? There are myriad ways to do it, and this training sets out to give you the ideas you need to maximize feelings of wellness for those with whom you work. 


College Essay Prep

This one’s for you, college-bound students! This training will uncover strategies for figuring out what story you most want to tell and how best to share it with the college admissions counselors. (45 minutes)

Trainings for Young Adults

Woman Studying
Estuary Emerging Leaders Program

New for students entering grades 9-12!

Learn from the comfort of your own home with teleconference sessions designed to help you communicate more confidently, lead with vision and purpose, and inspire those around you!

Leadership Coaching and Life Coaching Trainings are updated regularly.

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