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Fan Mail

"Marybeth is more than a life coach – she's a reliable guide to have in your corner. I've been wow'd and grateful for Marybeth's coaching through a recent rough patch. Her sharp mind and kind support have helped me turn a stressful time of uncertainty into a time of growth. If you're looking for someone to help you find clarity and make some real life changes, look no further. Marybeth is an incredible coach. Can't recommend her enough!"

- Christian R.

"I have had the great fortune to work with Marybeth for the last few years. The life coaching sessions, meditation, and training workshops have helped me a great deal professionally and personally. She is kind, compassionate, motivational, and has helped with numerous strategies and challenges I have faced. I have learned the power of positive self talk, self compassion, to have a growth mindset, and how to identify success in different ways.  I would highly recommend taking advantage of her helpful and invaluable services!"

- S. Hoff

"Marybeth is absolutely phenomenal! She has worked with our teenage daughter for coaching and it has greatly improved her confidence and communication skills. Marybeth has a way of relaying information that really seems to break down the barrier that teens can put up. She is simply fantastic and I highly recommend her services."


- Elizabeth DiPietrantonio

"If you're looking for a professional compassionate coach who will fully embrace and connect with exactly who YOU are, then Marybeth is the perfect choice. She has an innate gift of connecting with anyone and immediately puts you at ease. She is love and support in human form. At our sessions we mapped out a plan for a variety of different challenges and I was enabled to move through these challenges with grace and preparation! She's a great problem solver and an even better note taker! (She won't let you forget your breakthroughs!) I could not be more grateful!

Many Thanks Marybeth!!"


- Kathryn Melo



"From the time that Marybeth enters the room you feel a warm sense of acceptance and belonging. Her professionalism, upbeat disposition, and optimistic views helped our group to feel comfortable enough to be open to learning new skills and to share their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement. Marybeth is a force of good energy that lifts the spirits of those around her and her lessons provided our group with a strong sense of empowerment to make small changes that could have a broader positive impact on our day-to-day lives. We look forward to welcoming Marybeth back again in the future."


- Karri Paul



"Thank you so much Marybeth! Today's event was above & beyond, so impactful! Your message surely hit home for our members and each of us. I will be utilizing "strong back/soft front" every day moving forward. By shining your light and sharing your message, you gave confidence to everyone on the call to shine their lights! Thank you! " 


- Alysse Wiegold, Manager, Business Knowledge ML, Randstad US (Participated in Marybeth Cale's Communicate with Confidence Training)



"If there is one thing I’ve learned about business, it is that people like to do business with people they like. Marybeth is one of those people who lights up a room when she comes in; her smile and energy are infectious, her ethics are a model for others. She will always do the right thing by others and is a pure delight to be around. To me, it just doesn’t get any better than that.”

- Keryl Pesce, Author


“I am so happy I hired Marybeth as my executive coach. She has helped me gain clarity and confidence to manage my workload far more efficiently. Marybeth’s coaching skills and business acumen have generated immediate results to my wealth management practice.”


- Michael, New Jersey


“Run, do not walk, to one of Marybeth’s seminars. Not only are they incredibly insightful, thought-provoking and applicable in real-world situations, but they are downright fun. If Marybeth can get a room full of people engaged in conversation in the evening after work, where a common refrain is “…time to go already?”, then I assure you something unique is going on.”-


- Tom Lenahan, Digital Media Manager, Radio Woodstock

"Marybeth is a wonderful presenter whose infectious good humor made our session on work-life alignment lively and fun. Through her thoughtful comments and suggestions, Marybeth generated ideas to help make life more manageable and fulfilling. Loved that the session was very participative! We will definitely engage her services again in the future!"

- Theresa Gill, The Dyson Foundation

“Marybeth is excellent!  Her workshop on networking and business development was a huge hit with our employees. The information was clear and concise and expertly delivered with Marybeth’s unique brand of warmth and candor.  We look forward to having her back for future trainings"

- Gordon Cruikshank, Business Executive

“Marybeth did an outstanding job facilitating a sales training course for our members. She connected with them individually and as a group, providing strong and specific guidance with tips on identifying, discussing and closing the deal. Our participating members were overwhelmingly satisfied with her instruction, making this a worthwhile and beneficial event.”

​- Frank Castella, Jr., President and CEO, Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce



"Marybeth is an amazing speaker whose contagious enthusiasm and passion are evident the moment she walks through the door.  She attended our team meeting to speak to our group of about 25 high school girls who were involved in planning and participating in a fashion show.  Marybeth conducted a presentation she titled: "The Beauty from Within: Confidence to Make you Shine". Her warmth, sincerity and approachability made it easy for the girls to connect with her and become active participants in the conversation.  This connection enabled the girls to understand that they are all beautiful people and that they can live their lives, every day, in a way that radiates this happiness and beauty. I am looking forward to having Marybeth back next year to talk to next year’s fashion show team!" 

- Kathy Cassens, Kathy Cassens Photography

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