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Get ready to thrive.

estuary coaching

Little-known fact: 

The Hudson River is an estuary full of resources that help us thrive.


So, between that and the fact that the riverfront and river views bring peace, joy, and wonder to Marybeth Cale, you can see why the business is called Estuary Coaching. 

Through individual and group coaching programs available through Estuary Coaching, you can thrive as well!


Your well-being coaching program can encompass any or all of the following. Whatever the right mix is for YOU:

  • Exercise

  • Nutrition

  • Sleep Health

  • Stress Reduction

  • Relaxation, Mindfulness, and Meditation

  • Finding Purpose

  • Confident Boundary-Setting

  • Communication Skills

  • Community Connection

  • Building Fun + Fellowship into Your Life

  • Developing a Spirit of Gratitude

Groups can benefit from in-person sessions or learn remotely by using an online option.


Individuals can sign up for group online sessions or meet with Marybeth individually by Zoom (or in-person if not too far from the great Hudson River Estuary!).

Ready to THRIVE?

Are you or your group looking to do any of the following?

Estuary Coaching can help!

  • improve nutrition/sleep/mindset/healthy living habits 

  • reduce stress

  • enhance social and community connection/sense of belonging

  • communicate with more confidence

  • set healthier boundaries

  • get and stay motivated

  • create the foundation for lasting change

  • enjoy greater self-awareness and confidence

  • or anything that might contribute to optimal well-being!

Our confidential coaching sessions will allow you to explore the areas in life that most need some "tweaks" so that we can work on developing and implementing a plan that will support your overall well-being!

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