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Motivational Speaking

Need a motivational speaker to inspire your group? 

Marybeth Cale brings heart, passion, honesty, and humor to her audiences, covering topics like:

  • The Art of Confident Communication: The Sandwich Method and Other Tips that Make Communication Feel Healthier, Lighter, and More Connected

  • Hey, Teens: The World is Your Oyster and You've Got Everything You Need to Make an Impact - But It Begins with Good Health

  • Well-Being: Finding Your Healthy, Happy Place at Work and at Home

  • Plugging into Purpose: How to Identify the WHY That Will Sustain Healthy Living Habits

  • The Importance of Social Connection: What this Preacher’s Kid Learned in Coffee Hour

  • Work/Life Alignment: What Does it Mean, and How Do I Achieve It?!

  • Wellness in Midlife: It's Game Time, and It's About Much More Than Nutrition and Exercise

  • Finding Purpose: And Caring for Yourself After the Kids Leave Home

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"Marybeth is an amazing speaker whose contagious enthusiasm and passion are evident the moment she walks through the door.  She attended our team meeting to speak to our group of about 25 high school girls who were involved in planning and participating in a fashion show.  Marybeth conducted a presentation she titled: "The Beauty from Within: Confidence to Make you Shine". Her warmth, sincerity and approachability made it easy for the girls to connect with her and become active participants in the conversation. This connection enabled the girls to understand that they are all beautiful people and that they can live their lives, every day, in a way that radiates this happiness and beauty. I am looking forward to having Marybeth back next year to talk to next year’s fashion show team!" 

- Kathy Cassens, Kathy Cassens Photography

 “Marybeth Cale is a dynamic and energetic speaker who motivates her audience. She engages the crowd and has infectious enthusiasm”

- Lydia Higgingson, Deputy Director, Dutchess County Tourism

“Marybeth is a vibrant and dynamic leader in our community. On more than one occasion, she has inspired women receiving treatment at Daytop Village’s Rhinebeck campus as a result of chemical dependence and substance use through motivational presentations. Her powerfully-charged statements such as, “If you have confidence, you can do anything,” have sparked a desire in our clients to actualize their dreams and work to achieve their highest potential. Marybeth’s wealth of experience in communications and her willingness to invest her time and talent in others garner tremendous return. Her participation in any endeavor will undoubtedly produce amazing results.”

- John A. Asuncion, LMHC, CASAC; director, Daytop Village, Inc., Fox Run 

Marybeth Cale is a Certified Life Coach who received training through Institute for Life Coach Training, a program accredited through the International Coaching Federation. She is also a Certified Meditation/Mindfulness Teacher (Center for Positive Transformation). Since establishing Cale Communications over 15 years ago, Beth has served in a wide range of leadership roles throughout her career, earning her honors such as the “Citizen of the Year” and “Top 40 Under 40” designations.

Learn more about her professional background by clicking here.

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