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Health/Wellness +
Well-Being Coaching

Wellness is about FAR more than exercise and nutrition. 

In our coaching sessions, we'll of course explore nutrition and exercise - but we'll also look at sleep health, stress reduction, positive social connections/relationships, boundary-setting, and adding more FUN and PURPOSE to your life. Or, we'll chat about any of those aforementioned areas that are important to YOUR recipe for well-being. Coaching is for YOU. So YOU get to decide what you want to focus on as you build a plan that'll help you thrive - mind, body, and spirit.

What is coaching?


One-on-one life, leadership, health/wellness, and well-being coaching offer you a safe space in which you can explore your biggest aspirations and move through the blocks that have long been in your way to truly thriving - mind, body, and spirit.


A confidential, motivational coaching alliance can transform your life.


Sessions are designed to help build a wellness plan that will help you achieve optimal well-being - so that you can THRIVE - mind, body, and spirit....and live life more fully!

Rhinebeck Life Coach

Some of what you might expect to achieve in your coaching sessions:

  • Identify values and desired outcomes

  • Become more mindful of what makes you feel most inspired, motivated, alive, and connected - as well as what might be getting in your way

  • Develop action plans that help you achieve well-being

  • Tap into potential and resources you already HAVE to meet with success

  • Stay on track with your goals

  • Share your fears and dreams confidentially 

  • And hopefully, enjoy greater feelings of overall well-being - mind, body, and spirit!


Some popular topics for coaching include:

  • Stress reduction

  • Sleep health

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Meditation

  • Social Connection

  • Community Building

  • Meaningful work (professional and/or volunteer)

  • Aligning your values with your goals and your life

  • Confidently communicating (including boundaries!)

  • Mindfulness

  • Self-Confidence

  • Adding Fun + Fellowship to Life

  • Achieving health and wellness goals


"Marybeth's guidance has been a tremendous resource for me as I take a new career direction. Not only does she truly listen, but she gives you encouragement and motivation to be your best self. Her positive energy has propelled me for weeks, and has been a driving force in me to just keep moving forward. Working with her has been the best investment I ever made for myself."

- Anonymous coaching client


"Marybeth creates an incredible coaching experience with her positive energy, open heart, keen listening skills and unwavering support! When life gets busy and chaotic, maintaining a clear vision towards your goals can be difficult but, this is not an issue when working with Marybeth. With her thought-provoking questions, hidden skills and strengths are identified, providing comfort and support on the journey towards your vision. Success is guaranteed when working with Marybeth." 

-Patty B., Pennsylvania


A few points to remember:


  • Wherever you live, you have access to coaching sessions with Marybeth Cale. Our sessions are done by ZOOM. No need to live anywhere near the Hudson Valley; we can work together remotely!


  • Coaching is NOT therapy. While coaching honors your past, which can often come up in our discussions, the focus will be on developing your vision of well-being for the future and figuring out how to make that vision come to life. 


  • Marybeth Cale is a certified coach, which means she’s completed training through a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation - designed to give YOU the most productive, connected coaching experience possible. Many self-proclaimed coaches have never gone through any formal training - but with Estuary Coaching, you'll have someone who understands how to motivate behavior change and support your optimal wellness.


  • You can expect to reflect on many open-ended questions during each session, so that we can explore what you most want, what motivates you, and how you will best stay on track with your well-being goals. The more honest you are with yourself and your coach, the more you’ll get out of the experience!


  • You can trust that the thoughts, ideas and stories you share during coaching sessions will all be kept completely confidential. It is an honor and privilege to be entrusted with your innermost thoughts. Marybeth Cale takes that very seriously, and upholds the ICF (International Coaching Federation) code of ethics at all times.


"I worked with Marybeth Cale as my life coach over the span of several months and I highly recommend her services. She has a  natural ability to create a safe and comfortable space for clients to gain meaningful insight and clarity, helping them move forward from their current situation toward their ideal state. Her coaching style is energetic and inspirational, yet at the same time extremely patient, empathic, and gentle. While partnering with you to help you achieve your goals, she also will challenge you to see your situation from many perspectives to deepen your learning and personal growth. Whether your goals are small or more significant, I recommend working with Marybeth. My experience was truly transformational!"

- L., Virginia


“Marybeth is a vibrant and dynamic leader in our community. On more than one occasion, she has inspired women receiving treatment at Daytop Village’s Rhinebeck campus as a result of chemical dependence and substance use through motivational presentations. Her powerfully-charged statements such as, “If you have confidence, you can do anything,” have sparked a desire in our clients to actualize their dreams and work to achieve their highest potential. Marybeth’s wealth of experience in communications and her willingness to invest her time and talent in others garner tremendous return. Her participation in any endeavor will undoubtedly produce amazing results.”

- John A. Asuncion, LMHC, CASAC; director, Daytop Village, Inc., Fox Run 


"Working with life coach Marybeth Cale has been extremely beneficial; I have been able to design personal and professional goals, set priorities, and take action toward a more fulfilling life.  Marybeth has been a wonderful catalyst in my personal growth. With her optimistic, encouraging, and gentle support, I am emboldened to take on new and greater challenges. She is a terrific coach, and it is a gift to have her as a tour-guide in life's journey."  

- Amanda K., North Carolina

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