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Emerging Leaders Program

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Are you ready to communicate with confidence? Explore ways to manage stress? Learn how to build a network of people who can support your work? Discover how communicating vision and purpose will help you inspire and engage those around you? Design a life you love?

Are you in grades 9, 10, 11 or 12?


The Estuary Emerging Leaders program consists of 5 sessions that will be delivered via password-protected teleconference calls this summer. 


Your coach, Marybeth Cale, will give you tips and tools that will help you shine! As a longtime Certified Life and Leadership Coach, Marybeth believes that leadership isn’t about a specific job title or set of responsibilities; it’s really about inspiring everyone in your orbit!


For many years, Marybeth has been conducting leadership workshops and providing one-to-one coaching to CEOs, executives, and boards of directors in corporations and nonprofits from all over the country. She’s also coached countless young adults along the way, both individually and through group leadership programs at ERVK, SUNY New Paltz, and SUNY Dutchess. The launch of the Estuary Emerging Leaders program will offer students a chance to gain some of the same knowledge from the comfort of home!


Over the course of five morning sessions (75 minutes each) by way of a password-protected teleconference call, students entering grades 9-12 will get coached on the following topics:


  • Communicating with Confidence (yes - even when public speaking!)

  • Stress Management: Resilience Tools

  • Building a Circle of Support (aka Networking!)

  • Inspiring Others by Leading with Vision and Purpose

  • Designing a Life You Love 


The Fall 2021 Estuary Emerging Leaders program includes 2 session options, covering the same content:


The cost for this fun, motivational, inspiring 5-day Emerging Leaders Program is $225.

"I have over 30 years of experience teaching leadership to young people on an international basis, including 11 years of work with students in grades 8-12. Marybeth Cale has brilliantly designed a program called Estuary Leadership, and it is worth the time and money for any young person to participate in this creative way. She really helps prepare students for the uncertain world ahead of them. Marybeth knows her subject well, and has the ability to communicate with students and motivate them to embrace her ideas and use them in their daily lives. She has a great personality, a ready and infectious smile, and will go out of her way to help anyone, but especially young people. I give her my highest endorsement possible."

-David T. Ives; Executive Director Emeritus, The Albert Schweitzer Institute, Four-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, and Senior Advisor to the Permanent Secretariat of the Summits of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

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