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Feeling Stressed? 3 Tools to Build Resilience Today.

These are challenging times - and I hope you’re all doing okay. We’re all learning many lessons in 2020, and as my mom says, perhaps, like achieving 20/20 vision at the eye doctor’s office, we can see more clearly now as a result of all that we’ve endured.

That said, today I want to talk to you about resilience. While it’s tough to get into depth and breadth with a brief blog post, I thought I’d share a few quick tidbits from the stress management and resilience training programs that I offer through Estuary Leadership.

Here are my top three:

Honor your emotions. Understand that there are no good or bad feelings about things - whatever emotion you have deserves to be processed. Every human being has his or her own fears, misgivings, frustrations, concerns. Lean into those feelings. Let go of any shame or guilt attached to your emotions. Understand that they’re part of being human. 

Carve out a few minutes for meditation or ‘quiet time’ in your day. By creating some space to focus on your breath or to just ‘be’, you give yourself permission to relax. As someone who meditates almost daily, I can honestly say that it sets the stage for the entire day. Meditation is not only a beautiful way to learn how to be present to the moment for whatever it is, but it conditions me to respond to things rather than react to them. I feel far more peaceful when I make time for meditation.

Practice gratitude. Some of the most resilient people I know tend to be the most grateful as well. They focus on all for which they’re thankful, and look for silver linings to light the way during the darkest of times. Journaling is a helpful way to organize your thoughts and reflect on those things that keep you smiling - or simply talking to a dear friend who will help you focus on the good stuff.

Resilience is about being adaptable and understanding that challenges can present opportunities too. May each of you focus on the opportunities to grow, learn, and discover right now - and if you need a coach to support you, I’m just a phone call or email away.

Visit to get in touch, and stay as healthy and positive as possible. We’re all in this together.

Marybeth Cale, certified life and leadership coach, is available for group workshops, speaking engagements, or one:one coaching sessions with clients from all over the US and into Canada. Reach out through the contact form at


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