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Mindset Matters!

The narrative we play on our personal mind loop makes all the difference.

Today I want to talk about mindset - the stories we tell ourselves - and how those narratives that often play on loops in our minds can shape our lives - for good or bad.

We all have our share of limiting beliefs. When we run into challenges, we may quickly say to ourselves, “welp, here we go again with Murphy’s Law - of course that happened to me”. Or, when a new position comes available at work that, from the vantage point of our colleagues, would be a perfect fit, a little voice in our head says: “there’s no way you’re qualified!” And, for those of you who’ve ever done any public speaking, you know how easy it is to listen to that mean-spirited character in your head who puts nerves into overdrive by yelling as you get up to the podium, “what are you thinking?! You're gonna stumble your way right through this speech and totally humiliate yourself”...

Imagine for a moment that you spoke to a loved one like that! Let’s face it. That person would likely go running for the hills and never talk to you again! Or, if they stay in conversation and friendship with you, buying into your limited beliefs, they’re certainly NOT going to get very far in life.

What if we consider talking to ourselves as we would those people we really respect, admire, and believe in. What if we shifted our internal conversations to be productive and positive? What if we replaced “there’s no way I’m qualified for that position!” to a positive statement like, “hey! you’ve earned this and you’ve GOT this. Embrace this opportunity!!”

What if we changed our narrative? What if we create a story we tell ourselves that’s rooted in confidence, optimism, and a true belief that we are capable of just about anything? Imagine what we could do! And imagine how others would be able to clearly see our best qualities shine through?

If we really want to maximize our own potential, we’ve got to keep our limiting beliefs in check. They’ll pop up of course - that’s natural and human. But when they do, we need to quickly acknowledge that we have the power to replace that negativity with the kind of empowering words that will help us achieve our goals - that we have the power to build a positive mindset.

And I truly believe that anyone who focuses on building a positive mindset will have many bright days ahead at work, at home, and in their communities.

If you’re ready to build a positive mindset, or offer a mindset workshop to your team, just reach out to me through my website,

Learn more about Estuary Leadership’s coaching programs, which will empower you with the tools you need to communicate confidently, clarify your vision and action steps, navigate challenges, and lead with heart, humor, and humility! Group workshops or one:one sessions available with Certified Coach Marybeth Cale. Call 845.876.2220 or use the contact form on our website, 


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