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One Human Family.

What if we used the space that COVID-19 has created in our lives to envision how we want to show up - personally and professionally - in the years to come?

As we all navigate the unprecedented challenges that come with COVID-19, my hope is that we’ll also embrace the unprecedented opportunities that now exist as a result of social distancing and empty calendars. Assuming good health, we’ve been given a unique moment in time in which we can reflect, learn and grow - a space that allows us to consider how we’ve been spending our time, and how we want to spend our days now and going forward. 

In addition to the gift of time, we’ve also been given the gift of inspiration. In recent days, we’ve seen the best of humanity shine through the darkness. Healthcare professionals, first responders, grocery store clerks, mail carriers, and many more are sacrificing their own safety to serve others. Groups are quickly sewing together protective masks to help bridge the gap between needs and resources at local hospitals. Total strangers are singing together in the streets of Italy to spark a sense of unity. Volunteers are working tirelessly to ensure that people have the food and supplies they need. Neighbors are checking in on one another, paying special attention to the elderly and vulnerable. Teachers are sending inspiring messages to their students. Parents are trying to create routine and comfort for their children even as their own worlds get turned upside-down. I could go on; the displays of kindness are countless. Everyone is working together to make life easier for those around them; it’s truly beautiful.

When you think about the broader message, it seems we’ve truly embraced the fact that we are one human family, something we all knew to be true but didn’t necessarily think much about before. That’s pretty transformative!

So what does that mean for you as an individual? What is YOUR role as part of our human family, now and in the future? What do you envision, dream about, aspire to be? What changes do you need or want to make in order to live your best life? Because the truth is: when you’re living YOUR best life - when YOU feel most alive - you’ll have SO much more to share with the rest of our human family.

Maybe you want to get more involved in your community. Perhaps you’re ready to pursue a leadership role at work. Maybe you’d like to finally start that new business venture or write that book you’ve always thought about. Perhaps you’re inspired to make some lifestyle changes to achieve greater health and well-being. Maybe you want to become a better parent, spouse, daughter/son, or friend. Perhaps you know you need to modify how you’re using your time and with whom you’re spending it. 

In the midst of this crisis, you’ve got a chance to consider the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead. Yes, the struggles and challenges are very real. But there’s inspiration all around you - and you have a quiet space in your life that will allow you to fully absorb it. By creating a vision for yourself, both personally and professionally, you’ll have a sense of what you want life to look like post-pandemic. 

There’s so much we can’t control right now. And I know that’s hard. We’ve all had our very human moments (sometimes entire days) full of fear, anxiety, and frustration. But we CAN control our response to this. We CAN use the time to connect with those we love and to forge deeper connections with OURSELVES. If we do that, I believe we’ll all have more to share with our human family for years to come.

ESTUARY ACTION STEP: Over the next few days, take some time to craft vision statements for your life and career. You need to know where you’re going before you can figure out how to get there. Enjoy the process!

Want support developing your vision? Coaching sessions are available by ZOOM or phone. Reach out to book today!

In the meantime, be well and be kind, friends. We’re all in this together.


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