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Effective Leadership & the 3 H's!

Having worked with many executives, managers, and board members over the years, there’s no question that certain patterns emerge when it comes to effective leadership styles. 

I’ve noticed that those who lead with the “Three H’s” seem to effortlessly engage their colleagues, stakeholders, clients, and communities. They tend to have a happier workforce and/or volunteer corps. And they seem to genuinely enjoy their leadership roles. Does it get better than that? It’s a simple formula for success!

The 3 H’s are:




So, how do you ensure a healthy diet of the three H’s in your workplace or around your boardroom table?

Heart - Show empathy. Connect to a deeper mission and purpose, and inspire others to do the same. Communicate clearly and compassionately. Buoy others up with opportunities, affirmations, and the chance to innovate.

Humor - Don’t take yourself too seriously! Enjoy your work. Create opportunities to add fun experiences to the day. Be spontaneous. Spread joy!

Humility - Respect every person’s work, talents, skills, and presence as an important part of the whole. Listen actively. Be self-aware. Acknowledge your own mistakes. Request feedback. Resist the urge to micromanage - instead, empower everyone around you.

Ask yourself how you’re showing up. Are the 3 H’s integrated into your leadership style? If not, consider ways you can improve.

Because when you've built the 3 H's into your days, you'll probably see more of the 4th H......harmony.

And that's a win for you and everyone around you!

Ready to lead with heart, humor, and humility? Reach out to book a 90-day program designed to help maximize your leadership potential! Call 845.876.2220 or use the contact form at to book your coaching program today.


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