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3 Questions You Need to Ask Today for a Better Journey Tomorrow

It's all about reflecting on how you show (and have shown) up to life... pre-pandemic, peri-pandemic, and post-pandemic. Personally and professionally, now's the time to chart a new course if needed.

As we move into week 6 of “physical distancing,” there’s no question the COVID-19 crisis has been tough on many levels, to varying degrees, for most of us. But assuming good health and, for the extremely fortunate (like me) who have the ability to work from the safety and comfort of home (side note: I don't for one minute take that for granted), there's been time for some eye-opening reflection which could set the stage for an awesome journey ahead.

In the absence of traditional human-to-human interactions outside of ourselves, we’ve been given a unique opportunity to really look inward. This might feel a little strange or even uncomfortable at first, but it could serve as a defining, transformative moment in time!

Reflection offers us a chance to figure out what areas of life - personally and professionally - are working well, and whether it's time to chart a new course in others. It’s a chance to consider what will make our future even brighter than the best days of our past. A chance to develop action steps that will allow us to live more fully, laugh more heartily, love more deeply - at home, in the workplace, and out in our communities. 

If you’re not typically a pensive, philosophical kind of person, or it simply feels weird to focus on YOU for once….no worries; reflection looks different for everyone and there’s no right or wrong way to go about this. That said, however, there are a few questions I’ve been posing to my coaching clients that may just help get the wheels turning. Those three key questions, below, can be very revealing.

1. What did life look like PRE-PANDEMIC? How did you generally feel? Peaceful? Healthy? Fulfilled? Unsettled? Fearful? Successful? Confident? Happy? Alive? What areas of your life could have used some improvement - or maybe a total reboot?

2. How are you showing up to life PERI-PANDEMIC? The sun continues to rise each morning despite the unprecedented challenges our world is facing. And again, assuming you’re in good health….. how are you showing up to each day? What are you doing to live your best life, even as you shelter-in-place?

3. What do you envision POST-PANDEMIC? Now that you’ve had a chance to take pause, what do you want out of life once this is all behind us? Do you want to show up differently to your loved ones at home, or to your team at work?

If you have the gift of quiet time, the mental/emotional energy, and the space to do a little reflection now, I'm guessing the journey ahead could be more awesome than you could have ever imagined. And when you're happy on your journey, you'll have so much more to share with others along the way; isn't that what it's all about, anyway?

Marybeth G. Cale is a Certified Life and Leadership Coach based in the Hudson Valley region (with an office in Rhinebeck, New York). She works virtually with clients from all over the country by phone, Zoom, or GoToMeeting to support professional and personal growth and development. To schedule a confidential session, call 845.876.2220 or email


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