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What Does a Coach Do, Anyway?!

Even coaches hire coaches. 


Think about world-class athletes. How do they achieve that level of greatness? 

They’re talented. They’re driven. 

And what's that they have dedicated coaches to help them carve out paths to success, provide unwavering support, and keep them accountable as they move toward their destinations.

Athlete or not, don’t you want to live your best life too? I know I do, which is why I’ve worked with a personal/professional development coach myself. The forward-thinking, eye-opening, motivational coaching alliance has served me well over the years. It’s illuminated my life and inspired me through good times and bad. It’s given me an ongoing dialogue where I can figure out how to overcome obstacles, how to step into my authenticity, how to navigate challenges, and how to achieve goals that - in many cases - initially felt out of reach. It’s helped me gain the confidence, skill-set, and courage to design a life I love - at work and at home.

And now, as a life and leadership coach myself, it’s also made me want to do the same for those with whom I have the great honor and privilege of working. I genuinely love being coached AND coaching. 

I've found that the greatest misconception is that a coach is going to tell you what you "should" do. That's simply not true (and, side note: I cannot stand the word 'should' anyway. Trying to remove it from my own vocabulary completely!). As a coach, my work is in opening up the kind of dialogue that allows my clients to reveal for themselves what they want, what their gifts/talents are, how to manage difficult situations, how to communicate more effectively, what action steps might take priority, how to connect more deeply, and what choices will be most closely aligned with goals and values. I'm here to listen actively with an open heart and mind, to be a source of support and motivation, and to ask the kinds of questions that support growth and learning. I most certainly make observations along the way, but my clients already have everything they need to be their best selves - I'm here to help propel them forward.

Many don’t really know what a life and leadership coach does, so hopefully this gives you an idea of what I can offer you, your team, or the young adults in your life (teens REALLY benefit from coaching and I LOVE working with them too!).

  • A safe space to explore your aspirations and identify what outcomes you most desire - to get you out of a 'rut', to identify ways of shifting strategy for better results, or to process thoughts surrounding a situation, decision, conflict, or achievement

  • An opportunity to share ideas, challenges, and goals confidentially with someone who will listen deeply and without judgement!

  • An organized approach to achieving that which will help you live your best life, with the development of specific action steps and a timeline to keep you on track

  • Guidance and feedback when requested 

  • Motivation as you develop and hone your skills and build a sense of self

  • Accountability as you move forward in making your vision a reality

  • Training programs for your teams designed to promote stronger communication skills, greater productivity, more effective leadership, improved self-confidence, and success (however YOU/they define success!)

  • An open-hearted sounding board who's there for you as you navigate conflict, transition, or difficult personality dynamics in the workplace, out in the community, or in your relationshps

  • A steadfast commitment to your health and well-being

  • An unwavering belief in your abilities during both trying and triumphant times

  • Objective feedback to help reframe thinking on various situations and help you gain clarity when needed

  • Ongoing support making decisions, processing emotions, or moving through change

Why Estuary?? Well, I branded my coaching business Estuary Leadership because I LOVE the Hudson River, where I spend a great deal of my free time (it's SO beautiful!). The Hudson River is an estuary, which means that it flows in both directions. To me, being your best personally and professionally means that there's a healthy flow of energy between all areas of your life - like an estuary! Sometimes that means making small tweaks to get that energy flowing. Other times you may need to revamp things completely. Whatever it takes, I'd love to support you on your journey.

Ready to get started? Reach out to schedule your first session by calling 845.876.2220 or visit and head to the contact page to send over an email. I look forward to working with you! 

Check out this summer's Emerging Leaders program for the teens in your life too! Registration open at


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